A beautiful brunette with a tattoo sucking dick

tattooIt was my 21st birthday. In true fashion and tradition my two best friends took me to a bar and told the bartender that it was my birthday. Since I was able to drink legally now my friends’ intentions were to pump me with as much alcohol as I could stand. Several drinks in I felt buzzed, but still coherent. “More!”, my friends shouted. Ten shots of Patron later, I decided that it would be a great idea to get a tattoo. It was my 21st birthday after all. I could do what I wanted. My friends and I hailed a cab. “Where to boys?”, the taxi driver asked. “To the tattoo parlor on 12th street.”, I slurred. As we arrived at the tattoo I reached into my pocket and handed the driver a handful of crumpled dollar bills. “Thanks for the ride.”, I said.
My friends and I stumbled into the tattoo parlor. I said, “It’s my 21st birthday, and I want a tattoo.”
“What did you have in mind?” said a voice from behind a half closed door behind the counter.
“One of those pretty pictures on the wall.”, I said struggling to stand. “And I want it right here.” I said pointing to my chest.
“Ok.”, said the voice from behind the counter. “Have a seat. I’ll be right out.” I sat down and peered behind the countered. Out stepped a gorgeous brunette covered in tattoos. I quickly unbuttoned my shirt and looked over at my friends to see if they had the same reaction, but they were passed out in the corner. I took off my shirt and pointed to a sketched picture of a wolf on the wall. “I want that.”, I said.
I was fairly inebriated, but not too numb to feel when the beautiful brunette touched my chest. I held her hand for a second and slowly moved it toward my the waistband of my pants surprised when she did not object. “Happy endings cost extra.”, she said jokingly as her hand slid under the waistband and under my boxers. My dick was throbbing. I couldn’t speak. She slowly messaged my dick looking to make sure that my friends were still passed out. She slid my pants and boxers off and continued to message my dick. “Lay back.”, she said. I laid down on the tattoo table, and she straddled me with her face to my dick. She licked head as I shivered. She licked my balls and deep throated my dick. I groaned as she sucked my dick and toyed with my balls. She slowed down to tease me and when I thought I couldn’t take anymore teasing she sped up. I exploded in her mouth groaning louder. She resurfaced and licked her lips. “Happy Birthday.”, she whispered. Seeing her lick her lips made me horny again. I stood up and unbuttoned her pants sliding them to the floor. I carefully bent her over the tattoo table getting more excited to see her perfect ass. I pushed my dick into her pussy and thrust in hard. She moaned being careful not to wake my friends. I pounded harder and harder until we both climaxed.